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Whether you want to go one instrument at a time, or live track it all, we’ll get you there.

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Track Happy Studios

Hey Everyone

My name is Rian Dawson and I own and operate Track Happy Studios here in Nashville, TN. My life in the music industry started when I was 14 years old and decided to jam in my parents basement with some friends from my 9th grade French class. A few weeks later we landed on the band name All Time Low, and we’re still doing the band thing to this day. Over the past 15 years, I’ve played countless live shows, recorded 8 full length records, 2 DVDs, who knows how many demos and songs in between, but more importantly I’ve learned and taken insight from every step of the way. I hope to share that knowledge with you, learn more from you, and most of all just have a good time while creating the music YOU love. I can’t promise you a record deal, millions of sales, spike in Instagram followers (well, maybe), but I can promise you will have the time of your life creating in my studio. From the second you walk in the door, you will be in a relaxing, inspiring, creative environment with my full attention on you. It all starts with a bit of conversation, so go ahead and contact me and lets make some music.



Rian’s track record of being a great songwriter precedes him, but it really shined beyond our expectations during our time at Track Happy Studios.  He was able to see the vision we had for our songs and help us realize it in polished, expertly recorded and structurally sound tracks.  Rian demonstrated a deep concern for understanding us as clients, our strengths, weaknesses and the vision we were trying to achieve.  It wasn’t just an engineering or production job to him, but also a facilitative role in helping us grow as a band.

The studio itself is top notch.  It boasts an extensive array of equipment, amenities and comfortability.  When we were there it felt like home.

Moreover, Rian’s encouraging demeanor helped create a relaxed atmosphere in which he pushed us to track the best performances we had in us.  We were thrilled with our time at Track Happy Studios and will be returning for future projects.

Rivers Monroe