Come with the song in your head, and we’ll help you bring it to life. Whether it’s more banjo, heavier distortion, less drums (please no), vocal stacks, together we’ll make sure the song fits YOU, the artist’s dream. If it’s only production you’re after, it can be done locally in person or you can send me the project and I’ll tackle it while keeping contact with you to make sure we’re on the same page throughout.


Already know exactly how you want your music to end up but need a vehicle to get it there? We’ve got you covered. With a large live room, 3 iso rooms, and a cue system setup for a full band, we can handle any tracking situation. Whether you want to go one instrument at a time, or live track it all, we’ll get you there.


As a kid I always was fascinated with how records sounded different from one another. How come the same drum kit can have completely different feels on different records? I love mixing, and I love sending mixes back to the artist to hear their reactions. If it’s only mixing you need, you can send the project to me wherever you are, and we will be in constant contact throughout the process until I send it off to master.

Full Service

You come with the song ideas, and together we’ll make the dream happen! I’ll be hands on during the tracking, production, mixing, recalls, all of it. This is my favorite way to be involved, from the start to the finish. Lets make some music.

Working with Rian was one of the best experiences we’ve had during our time as a band.   We were in the studio with him for a month, which was a huge request considering his busy schedule, but he really made us priority number one while we were there.   It’s immediately apparent upon arrival that Rian takes his work seriously.  His studio is by far the nicest we’ve ever had the opportunity to work in, and I’m sure rivals most other studios in the area as well.  We were provided with everything we needed to make our record sound amazing, and he continued to make gear additions throughout the month whenever he thought we needed a little extra “something” on a track.   Above all, Rian cared immensely about our music, and us, which is crucial when looking for a producer.  He took as much pride in making the album come alive as we took in writing it, and always pushed us until he had our best takes.  We’re immensely thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Rian, and are a better band because of it.

The Everyday Anthem